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who, who, who.

Last night Amy and I went to see The Who in concert at Madison Square Garden. It was a fantastic concert. Once we got in and settled in our seats, we sat through the opening band. They were pretty bad. The audience booed them after almost every song. At one point the lead singer said “I think they’re saying Who.” At least they have a sense of humor.

Then the lights went down and Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend, and the rest of the band came on stage and the crowd went wild. No introductions, they just went right into 2 hours of music! They played some of their new stuff, which is really great. Of course, it was the classics that got most of reactions. When they played Baba O’Riley, the crowd stood up and went crazy. Songs from Tommy were absent from the concert…until they came back for an encore, where they strapped on their guitars, and went right into a Tommy medley which started with Pinball Wizard and ended with Listening to You. After that, the band left, while Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend stayed on and sang one final song – which I have never heard until last night, but it was a very touching ballad, and ended the night on a poignant note. Also, they were filming the concert that night for a dvd that’s going to be released!

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  1. Nora Avatar

    Curious who the opening band was – do you remember their name?

    Happy to hear the concert was a memorable one – aside from the rough start!