Go Huskers!

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Went to the Irish Rogue for the season opener. It’s on 44th and 9th ave. The Nebraska Society of NY (nsny.org) hosts Huskers games here, so it was great to see the entire bar filled with Red.

I took some photos with my Treo, so the resolution isn’t that great, but it will give you a good idea of what the place was like View Photos

It definitely made Amy and I homesick for the heartland, but it was so comforting to be with a large group of Huskers. The food was great and some were even drinking Red Beer!

We were on the main floor. On game days, the bar sends non Husker fans upstairs (ha!).

Right before the game started, two guys came in wearing UT shirts and were promptly booed.

Then the crowd cheered as we heard the tunnel walk music! It was surreal indeed.

I think I will definitely go back for game days! Go Huskers!


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