Belly Full of Anger, Part 3

Went back to Brooklyn today and filmed in the Botanic Garden for a bit. I changed in the restroom of the Visitors Center. Andre and crew got yelled at by the “Head” of security. He said changing into costumes was not allowed in the restrooms. Huh??? Oh well. We did a lot more Kung Fu fighting today. There was a lot of rolling around on grass, falling, kicks, etc. Not sure how it will look, as I profess to not really knowing any Kung Fu. Got to play with fake blood today as well. However, there was really nothing to wipe the blood off with, so I stuck my hands in some snow. Yowsa it was cold! Plus, I left behind a bunch of bloody snow. 🙂

On our way to our next location (interior shot, thank God!) We got rear ended by another car. Flash backwards to several hours later with Andre on the BQE bragging about how he has never been in a car accident in his life.

Everyone was ok, just a bit sore. Andre was probably the worst of it. I was ok. I guess all the Kung Fu training toughened me up 🙂

As always, we ended up with some crazy stills from filming. Here are some pics.

I will narrate this time….

This is me and John right before we meet the “Old Man”

This is John poking the old man’s eyes out. The old man was played by an actor named Doua. He was really expressive and a very good sport (we put blood on his eyes, ala Oedipus Rex)

This is me getting hit (again)

This is me going crazy with scurvy. It will all make sense someday.

This is our Brokeback moment. No other words can describe it.

John at the top of some steps at the Botanic Garden. I took this with my Treo!

Cast and Crew photo. Back to Astoria!

An interior scene at a Pizza place in Astoria. I had to stuff my mouth with garlic bread, which was a stand in for Brittle cake.

Here’s a closeup shot of me enjoying the garlic bread, ummm I mean the brittle cake. Not sure why I am so green in this shot. Perhaps it was the high content of garlic.

That’s it. More later.

~ Nuge


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  1. Nora Avatar

    And the adventure continues! I must say I am curious to see what kind of storyline all these bits add up to….