Belly Full of Anger, Part 2

Did some more filming over the weekend – some close ups back at the Brookyln Botanic Garden. It was COLD! My hands and face were numb, but we got some good shots. Got to film a sequence where I repeatedly get slapped like 50 times. I also got to do a spit take. Yes! My advanced theatre training put to good use 🙂

Sunday we filmed on Kristen’s rooftop, which was pretty funny. Chris, one of the writers also plays a bad guy named Mordeci. There a scene where he get’s thrown off the roof, so he had to go down and sprawl his body out on the sidewalk while Andre shot him from above on the rooftop. At one point, a pedestrian walked by while we were filming Chris, and just looked at him and asked if he was ok.

We finished our shoot at Astoria Park, where I go running sometimes. It was pretty surreal because I used to run down to the park, look at the Manhattan skyline and think how cool it would be to be film down here. Never would I imagine I would actually be doing just that a year later and especially in a Kung Fu moive. John and I have some pretty good chemistry. We’re always cracking each other up (and ruining some takes).

We ended the day rolling down a hill towards the camera, getting stabbed by twigs and brown spurs along the way. We definitely entertained the onlookers. Good fun. Can’t wait to see some footage soon.