Tuesday at Shea

Nora, Amy and I went to the Mets vs Nationals game on Tuesday. Nora scored us $5 tickets. Even though I’m a Yankees fan, I figured since I live in Queens, I should get out to Shea Stadium to see the Mets at least once. It was not a great game for the Mets, and after filling up on peanuts, beer, and every fried food imaginable, we opted to leave during the 7th inning as the Mets were down 3 to 8. Of course, the next morning in the sports section I read that the Mets rallied in the 9th to lose only by 1 – the final score was 9-10.


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  1. No special mention of the Chicken Fingers?! Thanks for coming! And cool that you managed to capture the full moon in a pic! 🙂