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My buddy Andrew (we call him Mills) dropped in for a short visit over the weekend. I met him at Penn Station and we quickly set off to get him some NY Pizza at Bleecker St Pizza. It was very good, and luckily we got there in time, because the moment we sat down a whole tour group of people showed up. The restaurant is very small – I’d say about ten seats or so. There was probably at least 15 people in the tour group. Like a couple of regular New Yorkers, we just ignored them and ate our pizza.

Next up was Ground Zero. They’ve made a lot of progress since the last time I was there. There were photo displays from 9/11 and pictures of the new Freedom Tower which no one really knows when that will be completed.

We tried to do the lottery to some shows but alas, the Broadway gods were not smiling upon us today, so we went to Chevy’s (a favorite place of mine) in Times Square and dined one some good Mexican and Margaritas.

The next day we met Amy for brunch at The Grande Cafe. The brunch was quite good. Since Andrew is as big of a Superman fan as I am, I took him to the Daily News Building, where I work. This was the setting for the Daily Planet in the original Superman movie.

We headed down to Battery Park to catch a ferry to Liberty Island. When we got there, we discovered a really long line and decided to nix that idea. I talked Andrew into riding the Staten Island ferry, which is free and goes by the Statue of Liberty. I think he enjoyed that.

Then we headed back to Penn Station to wait for Andrew’s bus. We decided to go across the street from the bus depot to a BBQ place called Shady Jakes. We both knew it was the right place to be when our waitress sauntered up to our table and we noticed she was wearing a Superman belt buckle. Ah…Kismet.


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  1. You finally made it to Bleeker! Good to know that it lives up to the buzz… Sounds like a good time was had by all.