Rooftop Party

Last night, me and my fellow coworkers (Calvin, Alvin, and Cheryl) went to a private rooftop party at Hook Marketing, which is where my friend and ex-coworker Jean-Nicolas is now working. It was on the 19th floor of a building downtown between Duane and Reade Streets. I thought that sound peculiar because there is literally a Duane Reade pharmacy on every corner of Manhattan. So, now I know the origins of the name. Duane Reade is named after the two streets where their original warehouse was located. Nice bit of NY trivia.

But I digress….When we got to the offices of Hook Marketing, it seemed like a small non assuming place. It’s an open area and the feeling in general was laid back. The people there were cool. Then we went out to the roof deck and whoa! What a view. Here are a couple of pictures that Alvin took with this Blackberry. One is our view of the city from the roof deck, and the other one is an artsy picture of me, Cheryl, and Alvin.


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  1. Ooooh! Yea! Glad to see someone was able to take pics! πŸ™‚