Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

Belly Full of Anger: Filming day 1

It was cold today, but we all climbed into a little Corolla and headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for our first day of filming.

We filmed some wide shots of me and my costar John walking along pathways, talking, and training montages.

There was a beautiful little lake with a Pagoda and winding paths.

At one point I had to dive behind a bunch of rocks, which I did quite well, almost too well, as I slid into towards the creek on a layer of mud. Oh, the joys of guerilla filmmaking.

We shot on a combo of 8 and 16 mm film. Andre, our director prefers to shoot on this film stock instead of video, and he uses the older style windup cameras. There’s something soothing about hearing the constant and consistent clicking of the camera gate, reminding you that you are being recorded.

The script itself, well, I haven’t seen it yet but was promised one soon (after all changes are made) sound pretty funny and sounds like a

mixture of a typical 70’s kung fu film and an Ed Wood picture. It also sounds bloody, as one scene calls for John to strangle an opponent with his own intestines! Nice. Till next time.


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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Bob Anonymous Avatar
    Bob Anonymous

    Interesting that you mention Eddie considering some of my first few flix were… yes, Ed Wood adaptations:

    Nice documentin’ – we should start spreading vile rumors about each other and get some lurid tabloid expose.

    I hear John forces PCP on toddlers…