Visiting my grandfather’s grave

My grandfather's gravestone

Today we visited my grandfather’s grave, which is in a cemetery in Phan Ri – about 4 hrs from Saigon.   It was a small cemetery – about 10-12 tombstones and a large placque which had a bunch of Nguyens listed.  I quickly realized this little cemetery actually belongs to our family.  All the Nguyens are buried there, including my great grandfather and great aunt and uncles.

I lit some joss sticks for my grandfather and tried to come up with something noble to say.  I said something silly like “I’ve made it back to Vietnam finally and I hope I will make you proud of me and bring respect and honor the family.”  Five minutes later I stepped in the largest cow patty I’ve ever seen in my life.  So much for bringing honor to the family.

My father and I at the cemetary.
My father and I at the cemetary.


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