Upcoming in 2014: High School, The Bible, and Flight Attendants

I’m working on some cool projects for 2014.

o-FLIGHT-ATTENDANT-facebookStarting in January, my fellow cohort Sherri Barber and Charise Greene will be producing an internal workshop of my play The Imaginary Association of Flight Attendants.  Working off my 25 page script consisting of monologues and vignettes about female flight attendants, we’re exploring the script in a devised manner over four days, adding a handful of game actors, musicians, and designers.  I’m excited to see what comes out of this workshop.

theflearedIn February/March, I’ll be working on a commission from The Flea Theater for their upcoming world premiere of The Mysteries, a radical retelling of the Bible written by fifty playwrights and directed by Ed Iskander.

Also happy to announce my play The Commencement of William Tan will receive a reading in March at Queens Theater as part of their New American Voices Play Reading Series.  I’m New! I’m American! I have a voice!




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