SOUND nominated for Outstanding New Play

This was an unexpected surprise and wonderful honor for my play SOUND…

The Gregory Awards (Theatre Puget Sound)

Don Nguyen
Nominee – Outstanding New Play
Sound – Azeotrope

Gregory Awards Nominator comments:

This was a very solid production with a beautiful script and nice attention to detail.”

“This would be an excellent choice for a mainstage production. The play itself is crafted very well and it explores a complicated and moving subject very well. I loved being part of a blended audience with such a large number of non-hearing theatre-goers. It was powerful seeing what was happening on stage reflected in the house.”

The play starts very strongly introducing the central plot and important characters. I was immediately drawn. I was drawn to the discussions/arguments between Barbara and George. It was a very smart way to introduce a conflict within a relationship and the perspectives of the hearing verse deaf worlds. The history lesson about Alexander Graham Bell’s influence in Cochlear Implants was interesting and gave me a deeper understanding George’s perspective about the implants for his daughter. Furthermore, it was nice to see a bit into the life of the teen daughter. I like how the play touched on her relationships with her family, friends, possible romantic interests, and teachers. And with all information provided it was still a very compelling story.”

In the idyllic setting of Martha’s Vineyard, a fiercely protective deaf man and his hearing ex-wife battle over the morality of an impending cochlear implant surgery for their daughter, which will restore her hearing. The conflict is exacerbated by the girl’s torn desires – caught between her parents’ deep-seated betrayals. Woven between the scenes a parallel story emerges, where we discover Alexander Graham Bell, 130 years earlier, whose obsession to find a cure for deafness in the same location leaves loss and betrayal of another kind. SOUND is a deeply theatrical exploration into the worlds of both hearing and deaf cultures to reveal the complex relationship the Deaf world has with the hearing.

Photo: Richard Nguyen Sloniker


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