My 2012 Year in Review

So Facebook decided to put out this Year in Review thingy, where it randomly constructs a timeline of your year.  Of course, I checked it out and apparently Facebook thinks my year began in October.  What the what?  To quote Liam Neeson in The Grey: “Fuck it. I’ll do it myself!”  So, here are my highlights from 2012, narrated by Liam Neeson.


January 2012

He rang in 2012 with a midnight 4 mile run in Central Park.  I went for a midnight run as well.  While being chased by a pack of grey wolves. 

April 2012

He  had a reading of The Man From Saigon at Naked Angels.  It was not about wolves.

He wrote this blog post for the Public Theater:  How A Ten Year Old Taught Me How To Write a Play.  I wrote a blog post once.  It was called “How to survive a freakin’ wolf attack”

May 2012

He directed a reading of his friend Kari Bentley-Quinn’s play The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens.  There were no wolves in this play either.  What is this shit? 

June 2012

He got a jumpstart commission from 2G to write the first twenty pages of a new play.  I got a jumpstart commission too.  It’s called a pack of hungry wolves chomping at my ass!

His play The Man From Saigon was the recipient of New York Stage & Film’s 2012 Founders Award, which came with…

July 2012

A month long residency with NYS&F at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY where he finished the first draft and did a reading of his play The Commencement of William Tan.  I got a month long residency once.  I was stranded in the middle of Alaska with a bunch of wolves.

He wrote this blog post for the Public Theater: The Late Bloomer.

August 2012

With help from his fellow cohorts Kari Bentley-Quinn, Laura Pestronk, and Meredith Packer, they launched a Queens based theater arts collective called Mission to (dit)Mars and held their first mixer!  My fellow cohorts all died.  By wolves.  Just sayin’.

September 2012

He went to Ikea for the first time in his life, and survived (barely).  Okay, I’ll give you that.  Ikea is pretty scary.

He went to SPACE on Ryder Farm to develop The Man From Saigon with Naked Angels.  A farm?  How quaint.

October 2012

He moved from Astoria to Long Island City (still representing Queens, yo!)  And I’m still stranded in Alaska, Yo!

One of his good friends flew up to NY to spend his birthday with him and they went here.  Well, isn’t that nice.  This is where I spent my birthday: 


Shortly after moving to LIC, a hurricane swept in, and he had to evacuate his building.  Ahem.  Please refer to the photo above.

November 2012

He was awarded a Playwrights Realm Fellowship for his sign language play SOUND.  How do I sign the word Wolves?

December 2012

He wrote a radio play for Naked Radio about cursed Presidents.  I’ve got a great story for your next radio play.  It’s about cursed oil workers who survive a plane crash, only to get eaten by wolves.

Had another reading of his play The Commencement of William Tan at Ma-Yi Labfest.  Did you not hear me? I said Wolves!

Wrote a blog post for the Public Theater: Technology and the Playwright.  Wolves I say!

Finished another ten minute play for the 52nd Street Project.  WOLVES!!!!

Wrote a short interstitial called Sanctuary for Ma-Yi’s Stunt show Orphans of the Nightingale of the Desert, performed at the Signature Theatre on the set of David Henry Hwang’s Golden Child!
Ughh.  Playwrights.


It seems the theme for this past year was “always be writing.”  So I vow that in 2013, I will continue to always be writing.   I wish everyone a very happy New Year!  And thanks Liam Neeson.


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