macbeth, macbeth, macbeth

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Over the July 4th holiday weekend, Amy and I woke up at 5:30am and headed down to the DelaCorte theatre in Central Park to wait in line to get free tickets for that night’s performance of the Scottish play.

By the time we got there (7:30 am) about 300 people were already in line. In another hour, there was about 300 people behind us! Representatives from the Public Theatre were on hand to answer questions as well as telling us the general rules of conduct (no cutting in line, no leaving the line to pick up your dry cleaning, etc).

From a distance we heard the sound of a flute playing the Superman theme. That was a good sign. The flute (and player) would soon come to our section of the line where he played lots of different songs as well as delivering some lines from Macbeth.

There’s a deli nearby that delivers food to the people waiting in line. At around 10am, there were several delivery guys on bicycles calling out names of people who had called in an order. I felt sorry for them, as they looked kind of lost, riding up and down.

Amy decided to make a bed out of the Sunday Times so she could take in a little nap, while I read a script for a play I’m going to be assistant directing in Aug.

At 1pm, the electricity was in the air, as we were instructed to pick up our chairs and get ready to move. Not everyone is guaranteed a ticket.

So, did we get tickets? Click here to find out….


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