Casting Deaf actors for SOUND


We are casting for the play Sound, for the 37th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival in San Francisco, July 14-27.

The festival showcases and develops 6 new plays over two weeks, each play presented twice (one time each weekend) as a staged reading, of which SOUND is one. The reading is being directed by

M. Graham Smith, and our ASL director is JAC — a well known translator, director and ASL teacher. The play involves Deaf and Hearing characters onstage together, with substantive scenes in ASL (Deaf characters are performed by Deaf actors), which are translated for a hearing audience, as well as scenes in spoken English (by Hearing actors), translated for the Deaf audience.

There are 2 roles available:

George, 30s-50s Deaf. Father, fisherman

Frisner, 30s 40s, Deaf, a kind uncle type. George’s best friend.

Here’s the description of the play:

In the idyllic setting of Martha’s Vineyard, a fiercely protective deaf man and his hearing ex-wife battle over the morality of an impending cochlear implant surgery for their daughter, which will restore her hearing. The conflict is exacerbated by the girl’s torn desires – caught between her parents’ deep-seated betrayals. Woven between the scenes a parallel story emerges, where we discover Alexander Bell, 130 years earlier, whose obsession to find a cure for deafness in the same location leaves loss and betrayal of another kind. SOUND is a deeply theatrical exploration into the worlds of both hearing and deaf cultures to reveal the complex relationship the Deaf world has with the hearing.

7/15 9:30am – 2pm Thick House
7/17 10AM – 3PM a. Muse Gallery
7/18 9AM – 1:30pm PM Thick House TECH
7/22 10AM – 1PM Thick House
7/24 10AM – 1PM Thick House


Rehearsals will be mostly weekdays and weekends.

14 hours the 1st week and 6 hours the second.

There are 2 performances in total. Sunday July 20 12noon and Sunday July 27 4pm

Most rehearsals are at The Playwrights Foundation 1616 16th St. Ste 350, SF 94103.

Please send submissions to Dena Martinez, Casting Director:


phone: 510-593-5711.

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