Art After Dark at the Gugenheim!

My friend Sonya invited me to Art After Dark at the Gugenheim, a series of seasonal events centered around a special exhibition and most importantly, drinking.  Tonight’s exhibition focused on the YouTube Play contest, where a jury selected the top 25 YouTube videos submitted by artists/musicians/filmmakers.

I’m so glad I went, because I had always wanted to visit the Gugenheim but never had time to, or I would just forget about it.   It’s so weird approaching the museum, because I’d always imagined this grand moment of seeing it for the first time.  As you’re walking along all these brownstones, it just sort of pops up out of nowhere.   I’d always imagined the Gugenheim standing alone on the corner with nothing to it’s sides, but there are apartment buildings butted right up against it.  It’s so NY.   I love it.

The YouTube videos were pretty cool, some funny, some artsy, and some weird.   I really liked Bathtub IV and the Die Antwoord video.   Every time I visit a museum I say to myself “I must go more often!”  and then I never do.  Luckily I have artsy museum friends who will surely remind me and badger me about going more often.

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