Watch me discuss my play SOUND

Transcript (Music underscore) So I spent some time on Martha’s Vineyard.  Like all good tourists I like to do a little research on the place…you know…that I’m staying at.  And I came upon some information on how Martha’s Vineyard   used to have the highest population Deaf population in the country. (Cut to “Sound by

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Marc Norman on writers block

Marc Norman on writers block: “I’ve always thought writers block is kind of a misconception. Because in my experience, people who are professional writers don’t lack an idea they want to write. They have an idea but they don’t know how to make it good enough. They can’t come up to the level they want

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Tommy Volt and Lightning Girl

My newest ten minute play written marks the third time I’m written for the 52nd Street Project!   Here’s more info: Tommy Volt, world famous rockstar is forced to do battle with Lightning Girl in order to keep his super mysterious rock and roll powers. Performed as part of The 52nd Street Project’s Nobody’s Perfect,

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