Vending Machine Conundrum

Vending Machine Conundrum The vending machine at Hodes seems to be in a randy mood this week.I walked by it and saw a box of Entemann’s mini chocolate cookies stuck right above the recieving compartment. Apparently it had fallen from the top shelf and landing perfectly square and wedging itself against the corner of the

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

I don’t know if this is cute or depressing. I took this last year on New Year’s eve. The snow had already gone away. Poor snowman. Was he waiting for more snow to come his way? Or was he thinking about jumping?

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What’s your fortune?

This might have been the weirdest fortune I’ve ever received from a fortune cookie. Strangely enough, the sesame fish I ordered did taste like chicken. How did they know that?

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