It’s a major award!

Happy to announce my play RED FLAMBOYANT is one of the winners of Aurora Theatre’s GAP Prize.  I join Jonathan Spector and Martyna Majok as one of the three winners.  You can read all about it on the American Theatre website.

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Watch me discuss my play SOUND

Transcript (Music underscore) So I spent some time on Martha’s Vineyard.  Like all good tourists I like to do a little research on the place…you know…that I’m staying at.  And I came upon some information on how Martha’s Vineyard   used to have the highest population Deaf population in the country. (Cut to “Sound by

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My 2012 Year in Review

So Facebook decided to put out this Year in Review thingy, where it randomly constructs a timeline of your year.  Of course, I checked it out and apparently Facebook thinks my year began in October.  What the what?  To quote Liam Neeson in The Grey: “Fuck it. I’ll do it myself!”  So, here are my

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