I discovered Addis Ababa!

As I was showing my friend Matt the lobby of the “Daily Planet” this morning, I happened to look down on the floor, and there I saw a marker for Addis Ababa!  For you non-Superman fans, Addis Ababa was where a kryptonite meteorite crashed and subsequently stolen by Lex Luthor.  I can’t believe all the

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Birthday Shenanigans 2010

When your birthday falls on a monday, the only thing you can do is make a weekend out of it.  And a weekend it was.  It started Saturday at the Rogue to watch the Huskers get beat by the Long Horns.   Okay, not off to a very good start.  But while we we losing,

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Murder in the Cathedral

Saw Murder in the Cathedral on Sunday with my friend Rob.  It’s a play written by T.S. Eliot about the final days of Thomas Beckett.  The site specific production played at the St. Joseph church in Brooklyn.  The architecture is amazing.  I took a few pics of the interior….

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