Murder in the Cathedral

Saw Murder in the Cathedral on Sunday with my friend Rob.  It’s a play written by T.S. Eliot about the final days of Thomas Beckett.  The site specific production played at the St. Joseph church in Brooklyn.  The architecture is amazing.  I took a few pics of the interior….

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Don’t you forget about me

Attended the 25th anniversary screening of The Breakfast Club last night at the Paris Theatre in NYC. All the original cast members were there except for Emilio Estevez, for which Judd Nelson jokingly said “It’s because he got fat. He didn’t want to come.” It was great to revisit this movie after so many years.

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Writers groups galore

So I must miss being in a writer’s group or something, because now I’m in two.  I just got into the Civilians R&D Group, which is a new writers group they’re starting this year. I also just found out I got into the the Ma-Yi Writers Lab, which is group I’ve always wanted to be

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