Nick and Erika in NYC!

My good friends from Nebraska, Nick and Erika came to visit me over their birthdays, Aug 7 & 8th (how cute is that?).  Showed them around a bit.  They loved the Highline.  They both went off on a cruise up in Nova Scotia for a few days, and upon their return, we celebrated their birthdays

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EWG Wrap party

After an amazing inaugural year at the Public Theater, and an even more amazing Spotlight reading series where all my EWG peeps totally brought it to the house, we had a nice wrap party at Phebe’s.  Our wonderful literary staff gave us gag awards.  Mine was “the first EWG to not realize a fellow EWG

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Red Flamboyant reading at the Public Theatre

A reading of my new play RED FLAMBOYANT at the Public Theater Spotlight Series. Directed by Joanna Settle Here’s the full list of readings: DON’T MISS THE 2008 EMERGING WRITERS GROUP SPOTLIGHT SERIES BE THE FIRST TO SEE FREE READINGS OF THE PLAYS WRITTEN IN THE INAUGURAL YEAR OF THE PUBLIC’S EMERGING WRITERS GROUP PROGRAM! Reservations Available Now!

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