Nora and Cindy make it to NY!

Cindy, Mark Ruffalo, and Nora
Originally uploaded by thenugespeaks.

I’ve put up some pics so far of Nora and Cindy’s trip here. It’s going great!

Click here for Pics

3 Comments On “Nora and Cindy make it to NY!”

  1. As a host and friend, the NUGE ROCKS! What an awesome event in Nora’s life. It was great to see the pics! Thank you so much, Don. You are truly a GIVER in the big scheme!

    Nora’s Mom

  2. Nuger….
    Looks like you guys are having a blast! Can’t wait til it’s my turn! Love ya!

  3. Hotel Don gets 5 stars!

    P.S. – Had any good bacon cheeseburgers lately?!?! 😉

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