Mission Accomplished: Our first mixer

I started a Queens arts collective with my friends (Kari Bentley-Quinn, Laura Pestronk, and Meredith Packer).  After some careful planning, we successfully launched our new endeavor last night with a mixer at Alewife in Long  Island City.  You can read all about it on the Mission to (dit)Mars website as well as view photos from

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Week 3 with NYSAF

Week 3 started off with a pre-reading reading of Emma’s play A Knee That Can Bend in the lovely air conditioned lounge of the New England building.  When I walked into the reading, I found out I was cast (much to my surprise) as the female chorus which meant I’d be playing a handful of

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Week 2 with NYSAF

Read Week 1 here Week 2 was spent mostly finding a good space to write.  I tried to fulfill some strange ideal in my head of writing outside and being one with nature.  Well, let me tell you, nature is freaking hot in the middle of July.  I believe humidity was created by mother nature

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