Naked Radio – The Curse of Tippecanoe

I was asked to write a ten minute radio play for Naked Angels’ podcast Naked Radio.  My piece is called The Curse of Tippecanoe.  It’s about two special agents who travel back in time to prevent the assassination of several Presidents (JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and William Henry Harrison) in order to lift a curse that

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Oh Sandy

[lightbox link=””][/lightbox] Two Hurricanes two years in a row.  Last year’s “Borricane” was just that.  After the entire city braced itself for impending doom, Hurricane Irene did ended not in a bang, but a whimper.

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My New Neighborhood!

After almost seven years in Astoria, I finally made the jump to Long Island City.  It’s such a different neighborhood from Astoria, but I really love it so far.  I’ve been here about a week now, and there are some things I have to get used to.  Doormen.  I feel so fancy having one. They

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