Sometimes you have to literally cut a scene

While working on revisions for my play The Supreme Leader I came upon a problem that I think is fairly common amongst my fellow writers: The scene has a lot of expository beats in need of streamlining.  This scene in particular sets the entire story in motion so I had to be careful not to remove any essential information.  Here’s

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Solving complex problems by making toast

Today I stumbled upon a nice TED talk about complex problem solving.  The presenter, Tom Wujec asks “Got a wicked problem?  First, tell me how you make toast.”  As a full time web developer, I’m constantly breaking down complex problems into simpler more manageable tasks, and think there’s definitely a connection between this process and

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Marc Norman on writers block

Marc Norman on writers block: “I’ve always thought writers block is kind of a misconception. Because in my experience, people who are professional writers don’t lack an idea they want to write. They have an idea but they don’t know how to make it good enough. They can’t come up to the level they want

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