Sometimes you have to literally cut a scene

While working on revisions for my play The Supreme Leader I came upon a problem that I think is fairly common amongst my fellow writers: The scene has a lot of expository beats in need of streamlining.  This scene in particular sets the entire story in motion so I had to be careful not to remove any essential information.  Here’s

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SOUND nominated for Outstanding New Play

This was an unexpected surprise and wonderful honor for my play SOUND… The Gregory Awards (Theatre Puget Sound) Don Nguyen Nominee – Outstanding New Play Sound – Azeotrope Gregory Awards Nominator comments: “This was a very solid production with a beautiful script and nice attention to detail.” “This would be an excellent choice for a

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Red Flamboyant in London

Happy to announce that my play Red Flamboyant will be part of the Yellow Earth Theatre’s Typhoon Playreading Festival in London!  For info on their website Photos from the reading (credit: Dan Vo)

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