Always Be Writing

In the movie version of  Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin plays a sales manager who pays a visit to a dumpy sales office to give a pep speech before releasing the Glengarry leads.  He walks up to the blackboard and he writes the following words:  Always Be Writing.

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On Writing: Themes

This is what I think about themes. Know what the theme of your story is, if you must.  But do it for yourself.  Because everyone else will put their own themes on your story.   The woman who just broke up with her boyfriend, the father that just lost his job, the academic who has

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My 2012 Year in Review

So Facebook decided to put out this Year in Review thingy, where it randomly constructs a timeline of your year.  Of course, I checked it out and apparently Facebook thinks my year began in October.  What the what?  To quote Liam Neeson in The Grey: “Fuck it. I’ll do it myself!”  So, here are my

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