52nd Street Project Retreat

This past weekend I went away with the 52nd Street Project on a playwriting retreat for their upcoming show “Apples and Oranges.”  This marks my fifth show with the project, three for writing and now two for directing/dramaturging. It was also my second time back to Stone Ridge, NY, which I was really excited about since

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SOUND: INK’D Festival Presentation

Day 1 After rehearsal, it was clear the anxiety everyone was feeling, in terms of “how were we going to translate this?” And also, not just for the hearing audience. That’s only one half of the equation. We also had to translate for the Deaf audience as well. After careful consideration, we decided to go

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Watch me discuss my play SOUND

Transcript (Music underscore) So I spent some time on Martha’s Vineyard.  Like all good tourists I like to do a little research on the place…you know…that I’m staying at.  And I came upon some information on how Martha’s Vineyard   used to have the highest population Deaf population in the country. (Cut to “Sound by

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