2G Jumpstart Commission

So this is happening:

The Jumpstart Commissions
We asked four writers to start something totally brand new. This program is to give them their jumpstart on a new play with focus on process and the time and space to create.
We’ll share their beginnings with you in the spirit of works-in-progress with some killer directors and actors.

On Sat., June 23rd at 7pm & Sun., June 24th at 3pm

A new play by Miyoko Conley

A totally normal story about a boy falling for a girl who falls on his car… from another planet.
The Commencement of William Tan  
written by Don Nguyen
directed by Tamara Fisch
 William, a well-liked student athlete at Lincoln High School and who happens to be Asian, plans to cruise through his senior year at what’s considered the most diverse high school in Nebraska until racial tensions arise between some of William’s friends, who are on the football team and a gang of FOB Asian kids.  These turn of events forces William to come to terms with his thoughts on race, and how he identifies, or doesn’t identify with his own ethnicity as the entire school, including the staff turns to William to make peace between the two groups.

On Thurs., June 28th & Fri., June 29th at 7pm

Under Her Tongue

written by Edgar Mendoza
directed by Kathleen Amshoff  A comedy about a young, Asian-American, PhD student who desperately wants to cure racism in America.  And she believes that by using the scientific method she will be able to solve it.

A new play by Samantha Chanse

directed by Mia Rovegno
A food writer searches for a diagnosis to explain her confusing

symptoms and newly-acquired allergies. As her health deteriorates and her options diminish, she begins to suspect that she may be some sort of prophet. A musical play about a body at war with itself and its surroundings, and the seduction of faith.

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