Touring Queens West

The Pepsi Cola sign, originally uploaded by thenugespeaks.

Saturday, Amy and I decided to hoof it along the East river to explore Long Island City. I had always wanted to explore the different parks along the river, but especially the Vernon Ave/Jackson Blvd stop where a slew of luxury high rises have been built along Gantry Park.

This is primo real estate and the views of Manhattan will knock you out. The first thing I realized was how peaceful and quiet the area is. There were people sunbathing on the green grassy nolls, walking dogs, and strolling.

Right across the river I could see where I watched fireworks last year. I’m thinking this year, this may be the spot to be. The high rises are towers of glass and metal and one can only imagine what kind of views the tenants have right outside their windows.


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  1. Nice pics. Makes me want to go too there when i can walk like a normal person again…
    The funny thing on pic at is that you can see the Daily Planet Building (Oops I mean Daily News)

  2. I love LIC, and I love DXN!