The 2006 Drama League Awards

The Broadway Ballroom at the Mariott Marquis
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Wow, what a day. Amy and I volunteered at the Drama League awards today. Cami, who works at the Drama League was helping to coordinate the event and had thoughtfully asked us if we wanted to help out. It was so much fun. We got to be Co-chair Valets. What this means is that a number of celebrities/nominees agree to serve as “Chairs” and mingle with the members of the Drama League. Our job is to check them into the event, escort them through the member’s reception and then to the press room so they can get their photos taken. Amy was excited to get to valet the four main cast members of the Jersey Boys, along with some other volunteers.

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Cami was kind enough to assign me to…Cyndi Lauper! It was like my life had come full circle. I grew up with Cyndi Lauper, and even though I am a guy, I sang along with “Girls just wanna have fun” just like everyone else in junior high at the time. This probably explains a great deal why I am now in theatre πŸ™‚

Once the celebrities started arriving, it was non-stop excitement. Some people we saw come up the elevators were Martin McDonagh(Pillowman), Paul Rudd, The Jersey Boys, and Chita Rivera. Amy gave Chita Rivera directions to the press table. Wow!

Then, Cami on headset dramatically announces to me that Cyndi Lauper is coming up the elevator. I wasn’t nervous until that moment, becuase all the other volunteers were looking at me like I should be nervous. Then I heard the ding of the elevator.

Cyndi arrived with her entourage of four women. It was only supposed to be me and Cyndi in the member’s reception, but her entourage charged along with us. Once inside, Cyndi worked the room, and of course needed no introduction. Cyndi sat down at one table and turned to me, looked at my name tag, and introduced me to the table in her New York/Queens dialect. Definitely a strange moment for me. After about 15 minutes of mingling, we left the room and on our way to the press room, one of Cyndi’s entourage, who was obviously a stylist, started touching up her makeup. Her stylist said to me “You might want to move your head”
before she let out a steady stream of hairspray.

We then made it to the press room, where Michael Cerveris, Patti Lupone, John Doyle, and Nathan Lane were standing in line getting their pictures taken. Cyndi walked up and started chatting with Patti Lupone as camera’s started flashing. Nathan Lane said something funny – I can’t remember what becuase I was too much in awe of everything. We got to the door of the press room where the publicist for Threepenny Opera (Cyndi’s current show) took over and I said to her “Miss Lauper, this is where I leave you.” I can’t believe I said something that cheesy. And then the most surreal thing happened. She grabbed my shoulders and gave me a peck on the cheek! Whah? Wow. Crazy.

Oh yeah, and then Ralph Fiennes walked right by me. So many celebrities in one room. My director idol, Des Mcanuff was there accepting a special achievement award, as well as Terrence McNally. Julia Roberts was there but had to leave early. Harry Connick Jr. David Schwimmer, Stephen Sondheim, Aaron Sorkin, Cherry Jones, and so many others were there. It was unbelievable!

After the luncheon, Amy and I rode down in the Elevator with Cynthia Nixon!

This is why I love this city. So close, but yet so far.


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  1. Nora Avatar

    I blog about flat tires, you blog about Cyndi Lauper – no wonder you left Omaha!

    Although, I will have you know that I just saw Cyndi yesterday in my apartment. YES, REALLY! Okay, so she was in the “Goonies R Good Enuf” video on my Special Edition Goonies DVD but I still saw her. No, I didn’t have to dodge hairspray but I did get to look @ all the 80s WWF wrestlers she used to hang out with! Does that count?!?!

    Ah yes, remember those days when you too experienced the celeb sighting drought in Omaha? *sigh*

    I think Cyndi may be visiting again this evening though…excuse me, I have a DVD to watch…;)