Space on Ryder Farm – Sept 2012

Got to spend a week up at Space on Ryder Farm located in upstate NY in the town of Brewster. Here are my thoughts on my farm experience, in no particular order:

Bees really like Laura Savia. I mean, REALLY LIKE HER.

Eating three square meals a day made of farm fresh foods is amazing for the body and the stool. It’s the kind of eating I could get used to. Also amazing is how quickly I gobbled up some junk food immediately upon my return to the city. MAJOR FAIL.

There’s a particular place designated for internet, called The Corn Crib. Not surprising that EVERYONE gathered there throughout the day. Goes to show you just can’t take the internet completely away. Which makes the new J.J Abrams series Revolution all the more terrifying (No Google, no charged iPhones, WTF?)

All retreats should close out the week with a bonfire. You just cannot go wrong with a bonfire. Unless you catch on fire from said bonfire. But that NEVER happens.

On a side note, I’m funniest on Fridays. I don’t know what it is about the end of the work week, I get ornery and I post whatever is on my mind to The Facebook and That Twitter and somehow they are the funniest things I’ve ever said. But only on Fridays.

Sharing a room with fellow playwright Daryl Watson is a sitcom in itself. The first night we kept waking each other up. Me with my snoring, and Daryl smacking his bed violently. I thought he was having nightmares, but it turned out he was smacking his bed because I was snoring.

Also, laying separate twin beds under the covers, talking to your roomie is fun and much like a slumber party and makes you feel young again.

After seeing a video of artists building a dock on their retreat at the farm, I was bummed there was nothing for me to build during my stay. I like building things.

Waking up in the morning and hearing a live rooster crow, and mistaking it for my iPhone alarm. You can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy.

Sharing one bathroom with eight people. Surprisingly not as bad as I thought it might be.

Getting great news about something I applied for and rejected for other things I applied for all on the same day. Life is the great equalizer.

The week went by lightning fast up at the farm.

Even though the week went by lightning fast, I met some great people and really bonded with ones I already knew. That is a gift.

I think my dream life might be just going on retreats all the time.

You know you’ve got first world problems when you dread going home to a dvr filled with tons of television that you have to catch up on.

I rode a lot of trains this year. I like riding trains. Maybe I’ll do a train retreat, where I just ride the train all day and write. Lightbulb!

Talking/dreaming with your director about different theater companies to submit your play to is equivalent to a first time bride planning her wedding. IT IS EXCITING.

You can fit five different flavored pringles in your mouth. Or at least, I can.

One can never get tired of impromptu dance breaks in the corn crib to Gangham Style.