Review: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for the iPad

This Christmas I got a new iPad!  Wait a minute, Don.  Didn’t you get your iPad eighteen months ago?  Yes.  Then how is it new?

To find out, scroll past the jump…

Eighteen months ago, I got a white iPad 2.  I already had a laptop, but the playwright in me wanted something that would allow me to read my scripts while laying on my couch, or in bed, or even, um…on the toilet without the hassle of balancing my laptop on my body parts.  Since then, most of my day to day computing has moved from my laptop to my iPad.  When I want to surf the web, I grab my iPad.  When I want to check email, I grab my iPad.  When I want to write a play, well, I still grab my laptop.

And this is where my two biggest complaints about the iPad come in:

  1. It’s heavy

  2. I hate typing on it.

Initially, when you hold the iPad, it doesn’t feel that heavy, unless you compare it directly to a kindle or a nook.  But over time, the iPad gets heavier and heavier, especially after reading a script or surfing the web for an hour.  My wrists and forearms feel like they’ve just scaled the side of Everest after twenty minutes of iPad use.

Now let’s talk about typing.  I simply hate it on the iPad. I usually split the virtual keyboard so I can type with my thumbs while holding the iPad in both hands.  Now, I’m not new to typing on IOS devices. I’ve had an iPhone for about five years now.  The problem is, I’m a fast typer (which is not the same as being an accurate typer), and the one thing I’ve learned is IOS is not fast-typer friendly.  The slower you type, the better it treats you. That’s not me and it never will be.

So now I have an accessory that fixes those two things, and it has made me fall in love with my iPad all over again.  So what is it?

A keyboard.

What? A keyboard? How boring.

No.  This is an awesome keyboard.  Specifically, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.  It comes in black, white, and red.  I have the red and its stunning with my white iPad.

The chiclet looking keys are surprisingly tactile, and feel almost as good as my macbook pro keyboard.

The keyboard is both thinner and lighter than the iPad itself.

The keyboard comes with a short usb charging cable. I kind of wished it was a little longer, but whatever.  I can live with it.

The wireless keyboard connects to your iPad via bluetooth.  Just press the connect button on the side of the keyboard, go into your iPad Settings > Bluetooth, and it will pair up with your keyboard.  That’s it.

When the keyboard is not in use, it goes to sleep to conserve your keyboard’s battery, which feels like it lasts forever.  I haven’t charged it in about nine days now and I’ve been using the keyboard on a regular basis.

The keyboard also acts as a nice little stand for the iPad, and has proven really handy when watching movies on it.

Logitech has taken great care in mimicking the feel of Apple’s products.  It’s sturdy, shiny, and well thought out.  Some other nice design elements:

  • There’s a tiny indicator light near the top right hand corner that tells you if the keyboard is on or off.

  • Tapping any key on the keyboard will not only awaken your keyboard, but also your iPad!

  • The groove on the keyboard that the iPad sits in is magnetic as well, so if you pick the iPad up, the keyboard “sticks” to it.  

  • The keyboard acts as a smart cover for your iPad!

  • The keyboard works with most iPad back covers.  I have a clear back cover for mine, and it fit in the slot just fine, saving you from the extra step of having to remove the cover before using the keyboard.

When you fold the keyboard and iPad shut, it looks like a Macbook Air.  I showed one of my coworkers the keyboard and he flipped out over it.

Admittedly, I was really considering an iPad mini because it’s so much lighter and I can hold it in one hand.  But when I got this keyboard for Christmas, my iPad felt new again.  I actually enjoy writing on it! So much so that I typed this entire review on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard.

Happy New Year, and happy writing!

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