Red, White and Blue In Astoria Park

Friday, June 29th

Me, Amy and Nora ventured down to Astoria Park to listen to the Tommy Dorsey band.

My typical running path takes me down to the Park, where it’s vibrant with locals gazing out onto the river and the scenic view of Manhattan. When we got there, what really surprised me were the number of people there.

We made it in time to listen to only a few songs, but the band went out with a bang, literally, as the first of many fireworks lit up the eastern sky.

The display was really impressive, rivaling what I expected every 4th of July in Nebraska, and it wasn’t even the fourth yet!

Here’s a link to Nora’s eyewitness account and some more photos


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  1. Dude, you know I live in Astoria, right?

    I’m right across the street from the beer garden . . . we watch the fireworks from our roof . . .

  2. LOL! I need to subscribe to bloglines! I JUST saw this…eyewitness account – your pics are cooler though! 🙂