So after post-Lasek (which my vision is about 20/25 now and getting better), I returned back to Dragon Boat Practice after missing a few.  I was actually surprised my endurance level was still pretty good, even after missing about 4 practices.  They’ve split us up into two boats now. One is called the Black Dragons, and one is called the Red Dragons. I’m a Red Dragon. All the strong veterans are Black Dragons and the Red Dragons are basically a spillover of newbies, like me.

Last Sat was my first practice with the Red Dragons. We were actually at Flushing Meadows lake – where the actual races are held in August.  There’s definitely a difference from the Marina where we usually practice.  The water here is much tastie!

It was very windy that day, lot of chaos on the boat, and we had a rough start getting out onto the water. As we were heading back, our steering anchor broke, so we we had a stop a few times.  We almost ran into another team’s boat out on the water as well. When we finally got back in, the Black dragons were watching us, and of course our re-entry was chaotic as well. I remember thinking to myself, "Yes, we are the bad news bears."  But they ended up winning in the end, right?  I’ll post some additional pics of us soon (courtesy of Suzzette Porte).


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  1. Nora Avatar

    Nuge – The Red Dragon

    Maybe THAT should be your comicbook hero name!:) So do you all actually wear red then? May be a good thing so people see you coming!;) Bad News Red Dragons – so is your coach the Walter Matthau or Billy Bob version?!?!