One Eyed Jimmy

It seemed like a typical Friday afternoon at work for me. Pretty laid back. Not too much excitement.

So this afternoon in the men’s restroom, my coworker Alvin asked what I was doing this weekend. I told him I would be filming. My boss, Bill Bloom was standing beside me at the next urinal (unbeknownst to me) informs me that he used to score films.

I did a double take.

He said he did the music score for a movie called Search For One Eyed Jimmy.

I did another double take.

I honestly never imagined anyone, let alone my boss saying “One Eyed Jimmy” to me in the men’s restroom.

So I got online and lo and behold on IMDB ( is Bill’s name (William Bloom)

He even sang the song as well. Here’s his website where you can listen to “One Eyed Jimmy”

Just another typical Friday for me 🙂

Have a great weekend



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