More Dragon Boat!

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Here’s some more pics of the Ma-Yi dragon boat team.

I made the mistake of thinking that you had to be strong to row on the dragon boat team. I soon found out that it takes more than that. It takes endurance.

Beginners tend to make the mistake of using their arms and not their entire body. They soon find out how fast they get tired. One thing we all must keep in mind is that it is when we are at our most fatigued, when our lower back is burning, and our toes are cramping up, when the tops of our shoulders are hurting, or our hand grip is slipping, it is at this moment that we must concentrate on form. Keeping form keeps the boat fast and keeps all of us in sync. One thing I have to say about that – staying in sync is very difficult because not only to you have to stay in sync with your teammate in front of you, but also your teammate next to you, as well as staying on beat with the drummer, and stabbing your paddle into the waters on count. It is very difficult, but when it’s done right, it is beautiful. Sometimes we’ll stop in the water and watch other teams glide by, in complete sync. It looks like pairs figure skating. It is that beautiful.


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