Man of Steel

An important part of summers in NY is always the Bryant Park Outdoor movie series. Last year Amy and I went and watched To Sir With Love. This summer has proven to be extremely busy and I didn’t get a chance to check out any of the movies until tonight. I was NOT going to miss Superman The Movie. All my close friends know that I LOVE Superman. He is my favorite superhero.

Amy got there early and waited at the edge of the lawn until 5pm when they let everyone with blankets enter the lawn. According to Amy, it was like the Oklahoma land race, where thousands of people engulfed every little patch of green.

The movie started around 8:20pm and I was happy to hear the announcer say the film was dedicated to Christopher Reeve. When the movie started, people started to cheer. They show the entire director’s cut, which was fantastic. It started with the opening of the comic book and a slow camera zoom in of a comic panel of the Daily Planet. Then a fade into movie curtains which opened to silent black space. Then, the first three notes of John William’s iconic movie score (one of his best) pulsed like a heartbeat and the crowd roared.

It was a really great, respectful crowd. No obnoxious people, except for the ones smoking behind us. I got chills seeing the interior shots of the Daily Planet which is really the Daily News Building (where I work).

My favorite scene is Lois Lane interviewing Superman on her terrace. It is a perfect example of an expository scene that doesn’t sound expository. She learns about his abilities and weaknesses (which factor into the movie later) while smoldering with sexual tension and humor. It is one of the best written scenes in a movie I think. No doubt Mario Puzo lent a hand to some of that crackling dialogue.


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