Maine, the way life should be…

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Yes, that is the Maine State motto. It’s very true. The state is so beautiful, with all the leaves turned to brown, orange, red, and yellow.

Amy and I took and extended weekend trip to visit Maine. Her friend Megan, whom she met in Salzburg six years ago, got married over the weekend.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Seasport, just a few minutes from the wedding site. Our room had a great view the Atlantic Ocean. There are so many great little towns along the coast, and they are usually just minutes away from each other. We spent a day in Camden and Acadia National Park, as well a short trip to Rockland. The wedding was beautiful. It was outside, right on the ocean! Definitley a fairy tale wedding.

I got to see a lighthouse, but most importantly, I got to eat some Main Lobster!

I could go on and on about Maine, but as they say, I picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to browse my photo gallery.


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  1. Nora Avatar

    Wow! Beautiful pics! Looks like a nice, relaxing time. In fact, just looking @ them I felt relaxed and then I looked out the window and remembered I was in Omaha. *sigh* 😉