Lunch at Grand Central

So today for lunch I decided to walk over to Grand Central Station to look for some new places to eat.  It’s so strange to be able to walk through this humongous building, seeing all the heavy marble and mortar and the soaring ceilings and watch the people walk through it without even noticing. My reaction is, why are you taking this for granted. Maybe it’s because of my architecture and design background that I find myself gawking at these amazing spaces.  To think that man is capable to building these things is just awe inspiring.  The lower level concourse of GC is full of dining – lot’s of restaurants and an Oyster Bar!  I find myself feeling very lucky to be able to go to GC whenever I want, or look up at the Chrysler Building whenever I want.  Tonight I start my first practice with the Ma-Yi theatre dragon boat team. We are practicing in Central Park tonight!  I will keep you posted on how that goes! 


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