Living in Astoria

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I have found myself very busy, with dragon boat practices and just constantly working on networking with people and seeing theatre. But sometimes on a nice Sunday afternoon, I get to go for a run in my neighborhood. I usually run down to Astoria Park which is located right on the East River. What I love about this place, Astoria, and New York in general, is that they have figured out how to carve a piece of paradise out for themselves admist all the garbage, dirt, and noise. In Astoria Park there is a running track, an olympic size pool, and a view of the east side of manhattan and Randall’s Island. Here, people sit on blankets amongst overgrown grass in desperate need of mowing and little kids laugh and play just the same on the concrete and grass with no awarness that they are lacking for anything. Even the view of Randall’s island and the the bridges are not that spectacular, but Cherry Blossoms abound and there is that feeling of beauty, with a reminder that this is still New York.


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