Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

The Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 swept across America, something that hasn’t happened in over 100 hundred years!  So naturally, I was not going to miss this event.  I had planned on getting solar eclipse glasses for the event, but the months, weeks and days leading up to it, I found myself busy with projects.  So in the end I decided to go old school and build my own pinhole projector complete with an iphone holder:

Initial test:

Tested out my pinhole projector. Ready for solar #eclipse2017 tomorrow!

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Here’s a short timelapse video of what I saw on the day of the eclipse:

I ended up switching to solar glasses but was able to take this cool time lapse video thru my pinhole projector before my phone overheated 🙂 #solareclipse2017 #eclipse #eclipse2017

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Interestingly enough, I had several people with solar glasses come up to me to ask to look through my projector.


In the end, I made the hole too big. It’s called a pinpoint projector for a reason. If you want a larger view of projection, you’d have to add a magnifying glass to focus the beam.

Luckily, this nice lady came by and offered her last pair of glasses, which gives you a way better view of the eclipse.  Here’s what I managed to get from the glasses:

Best I could do with my iPhone. #solareclipse2017 #eclipse2017

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Not too bad! I think the best part for me was going around and sharing my glasses with other people and watching their faces light up as they WOW at the Sun and Moon. I will definitely plan better for the next eclipse (2024!)

Here’s a bonus pic – my parents with their solar glasses!

OMG my parents you guys #solareclipse2017 #eclipse2017

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