Filming 11:11 Part Two

Today we filmed in up in the Bronx. It was at a medical supply office, and as I walked onto set, my fellow actor Rick was in a hospital bed hooked up to an EKG monitor. The crew was setting up for my scene, where I come in and check out his neck. It was like being in a toy store – everything looked great and realistic. The area that where we filmed must have been in some medical showroom set up to resemble an actual hospital room. Everything felt authentic, right down to the ceramic tile walls and stainless steel medical cabinets. Today was a very easy and quick shoot. Before I knew it I was wrapped and small feeling of sadness came over me. I just met the crew yesterday but it was kind of sad saying goodbye to them. There’s an undeniable bond that I think we all go through when we’re all collaborating together to create some art here and there.

It was a great experience, and the shoot was organized efficiently.