Filming 11:11 Part One

Today was the first day of shooting 11:11, a New York Film Academy short written and directed by Greg Saltiel. I originally auditioned for two different doctor roles which soon after was combined into one for me. The film is about a motivational speaker who after attempting suicide, wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of what he’s done. I play the doctor that is there to evaluate him and decide if he should be released or not. We filmed two of my scenes in an office on the 14th floor of a building next to Grand Central on E 42nd st.

Even though the office was small, the view out the window framed an epic New York landscape filled with the mint green roof tiles of Grand Central, the glassy facade of the Metlife building and the iconic and timeless Chrysler Building, which I consider the most beautiful skyscraper in Manhattan.

We had four person crew and a small light set up. Everyone was way cool and on the ball. We filmed on Digital with a Canon XL2. This Camera can give even a dull looking office room a cinematic and artful quality to it.

At one point during filming, I looked around the room watching the small and efficient film crew setting up the next show and here I was, sitting in a plush leather chair with a good role I can sink my teeth into, and the Chrysler Building behind me towering behind me and a feeling of giddy/surrealness came over me – and I imagine it’s the same feeling one gets one one is doing exactly what one wants to do in life.


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  1. CONGRATS! So happy to hear it was a great experience! šŸ™‚