Day 1 – The flight part 2

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I envy first class. I usually don’t when I’m flying domestically, but this 15hr international flight is pulsating the richter scale of envy.  What I would give for an extra foot or two to put my feet up.  I know I’m preaching to the choir, but sleeping upright just plain sucks.

My fantasy of catching up on all my sleep I lost in the weeks leading up to the trip, still remains a fantasy.  Actually, I’ve heard you can never catch up on lost sleep.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

At least there’s some entertainment on this plane.   And when I say entertainment, I’m not talking about the Sandra Bullock movie their showing on the plane.  I’m talking about the 60yr old dude sitting behind me macking on the two 60yr old women.  He’s managed to squeeze himself in between them and are sweet talking them like nobody’s business.

It’s quite scenic outside the window, as we’re flying over Alaska and Siberia.  This is kind of odd in a way because our destination is a tropical humid country, and yet we’re flying over snow covered mountains and frozen lakes.

My mom did try to teach me some basic Vietnamese which I failed miserably at.  Greetings are so complicated. There are different ways to greet someone, based on age, gender, and relation to your family.  There are also exceptions, such as a cousin that is younger than me can opt to call me uncle instead, as a sign of respect. I’ll post a video update on the next post…

View all photos from the trip


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