August: Osage County

Tracy Lett’s new play August:Osage County is currently playing on Broadway. I remember hearing about this play earlier this fall and wanting to go see it. Well, I finally got to see it over the weekend and it is one of the top plays I’ve ever seen in my life!

I had heard the running time was about 3 1/2 hours plus, which gave me some pause for concern, but then again Angels in America and The Kentucky Cycle are that long if not longer (and brilliant!), so I figured accept this since it has been getting rave reviews. Well, after the first act, I was a little worried. I thought “This is good, but nothing special.” Then the second act started, and somewhere midway, I started to feel everything coming together, and the Genius that is Tracy Lett’s came to the forefront. When the house lights came up after the second act, everyone in the audience roared with laughter and amazement after witnessing something truly remarkable on stage.

The third act served more as an extended denouement but even then, there were many secrets to be revealed and many times you could hear the audience gasping in disbelief and shock. Truly a great night of theatre. This is an alert for actors – especially actresses. Because of the Steppenwolf’s belief in ensemble acting, there are lots of plum roles, and the complaint of there not being enough strong roles for women of (add age hear) years, well, the complaining should subside for a little while now. Tracy Lett’s has crafted some truly amazing female characters of all ages.

Kudos to the Chicago cast for coming to Broadway and kicking ass!

Many people have speculated that this will be the frontrunner at the Tony’s next year, and I have to agree. Time magazine just announced it as their top choice for best show of the year

Celebrity sightings at the show: Kevin Spacey, Paul Rudd, Julia Roberts, Bernadette Peters, John Stamos, and director Mike Nichols.


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