A night at Chumleys

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After our volunteer meeting at the Drama League, we all went out for dinner at the Spotted Pig, which was a very cool, small little restaurant down in Greenwhich village. We had some great burgers, and their shoe string fries are fantastic. It was me, Cami, Zach, Sarah and Aaron. I just met Sarah and Aaron that night and they are great, funny people. As we were walking out of the restaurant, Lisa Marie Presley and her entourage showed up! I didn’t see it, but that’s what everyone else said.

We decided to go to Chumley’s for drinks. It’s in the village as well. The number address is 86 Barrow street. The place was once a speakeasy, thus there still is no signage on the door. Apparently this is where the term “to 86 something” came from.

The place is famous for such notable writers/patrons like Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Anyway, enjoy the photos and make sure to click on each one to read a description of it.

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