Hello Dolly

Went to the Dolly Parton concert with Stella and Lanni at the Forest Hills Stadium.  If you’ve never been to a concert there before, I highly suggest it.  Easy to get to from the 7 train and you get a nice little walk through the beautiful Forest Hills neighborhood which makes you feel like you’ve

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Watch me discuss my play SOUND

Transcript (Music underscore) So I spent some time on Martha’s Vineyard.  Like all good tourists I like to do a little research on the place…you know…that I’m staying at.  And I came upon some information on how Martha’s Vineyard   used to have the highest population Deaf population in the country. (Cut to “Sound by

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The Nuge Bowl 2010

Since moving to New York, I usually fly back to see family and friends over Christmas. My friends and I usually gather at a local watering hole and shoot the breeze. This year I decided to do something a little more active. So we went BOWLING! As you can see by the photos, and it

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