Red Flamboyant in London

Happy to announce that my play Red Flamboyant will be part of the Yellow Earth Theatre’s Typhoon Playreading Festival in London!  For info on their website Photos from the reading (credit: Dan Vo)

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Ma-Yi Retreat 2015

I remember my first Ma-Yi retreat, we were racing away from the city and from Hurricane Irene.  But we learned that you can’t outrun mother nature. Our third retreat was last weekend. Flashback to Friday: I had just flown back from Seattle the night before around midnight and here I was packing up again and

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A Finnish Documentary

Sometimes Facebook’s Memories notification reminds you about all the dumb third person statuses you posted back in 2008, and sometimes it reminds you that you appeared in a Finnish documentary with notable playwrights like Jason Grote, Sam Hunter, Jackie Sibbles-Jury and Mia Chung:

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