My First Foray into Officiating a Wedding!

So I officially officiated my first wedding!   My good friends Cami and Ben got married this past weekend on September 11 outside at Gene Leahy Mall in Omaha, NE.  Having lived there for over twelve years, I’m surprised this was my first time down there.  It’s actually quite a pretty park and it makes me wonder how beautiful it is down there over the holidays when they string all the trees with holiday lights.

Got to spend a lot of time downtown which is great because when I usually come back to visit, I never get to spend any time there.


I flew in around 4pm and immediately had to find a wifi connection because I had to deliver a new draft of one of my scripts for my upcoming show for the Living Newspaper. After failing to get a connection at Caffeine dreams, I went to the B&N at Crossroads Mall and Bingo!  I was on the internets.  After sending off my script, I went to hang out with some of my Omaha peeps – Erika, Nick, Debbie, Teri, Angie and Melissa.  We all met up at Dinkers which is becoming my new favorite place.  I then met up with the wedding party at Mr Toads, which used to be my old stomping ground.  There’s always a cool excitement in the air when you’re around a wedding party.  Lot’s of good energy.


We had a quick rehearsal at the GL Mall and then off to Cami’s parents place for a pig roast!  OMG.  It was crazy seeing Cami’s dad cut into a whole pig.  Wow.  I don’t normally eat pork (unless it’s bacon strangely enough) but this was delicious.  And Cami’s mom made rootbeer and orange floats as well.  Bliss.

Pig Roast from Don Nguyen on Vimeo.

Pig Roast at Cami and Ben’s rehearsal dinner

Cami and Ben were nice enough to let me stay in their suite at Magnolia (which used to be the Sheraton) and I made some last minute revisions to the ceremony script.

Saturday – it’s the day of the show ya’ll!

During the day I went down to the park to get a feel for the place and to practice my speech.  While down there I ran into Jeremy Blocker and his wife Miriam, both from NY.  They flew in for the wedding as well.  So cool to see some of my NY peeps in Omaha!  I went back to my hotel room, took a little nap and then got ready for the big day.

I walked over to the park around 5pm, an hour before the ceremony.  I got fitted with my mike, which was one of those over the ear skin colored things that rockstars like Brittanny Spears wear.  Oh yeah.  Big time.  The wedding was beautiful and lots to mention, but I will save details for a later update.  In the meantime, enjoy some of these photos from my iPhone:

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